No Matter Where Or How Large, the UNIVERSAL GREENSCREEN(TM) Is Your All Purpose Answer For Digital Manipulation!

Its perfect for single portraits,  large groups shots, every commercial need. This full length size background sweeps under your subject allowing for the foreground to be inserted.
* Tough and Durable Poly-Muslin
• Colorfast And Washable • Crushable And Transportable
• Many Sizes available to suit 10',12', or 20' pole system-or request VELCRO® for wall setup.
• Always pull drops FLAT and light EVENLY without shadow.
• This shade of evenly saturated bright green provides excellent contrast to most clothing (no need for changing background colors). and is user friendly with all software that can "key in" colors.
• Use availablesoftware for pre-designed backgrounds and temples, or shoot and use your favorite locations saving time and trouble, especially when they are in hot or cold environments!

As shown above, background must be pulled flat with clips.

A special thanks to
Owen Kassimir for his photography and digital manipulation.
10' X 20' Greenscreen as seen used in Clay Blackmore's studio.


Background Image