Lite-White is your Ultimate Hi-Key! Softly drapes & pulls FLAT with clips, Wipeable, washable, and easily
transportable when crushed into bag. Soft back illumination, yet opaque. From 10' x 10' (3/4 lb) to 20' x 30'
(6 lb) custom sizes/work is accommodated.


Along with unlimited creative options, try back illumination for a glowing etherial look.
Lite-White 10' X 10' "Soft enough for a baby's behind!"
Lite-White 10' X 20' Add subtle drape to full set
8' x 8'- part of a "2 Ply Quick Drop Kit" White/Grey combo noted in Volume/Event Gallery
20' x 20' Lite White fully draped set w/ extra floor coordinate for larger drops, (easier to launder, or use over seating). This size great for large groups too.
15' x 20' Lite White draping adds drama Even lighting softens distinct folds. Twist 'n clip easily-use"EZ Open Grip Clips"
20' x 20' challenges your creativity! Get 2 coordinates for double the fun.
Pull Lite White flat for a clean look.
10' x 15' pulled flat for paper look. Full length possible when seated.

Lite-White 10' X 20' BEFORE digital manipulation Pull 10' x 20' flat -light evenly

AFTER digital manipulation: anything is possible! Model: Amanda Small
I'm poppin" with ideas for you @ Superlite! Just give a call!